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This was posted on the GR forum today and is legitimate, as confirmed by board moderator Kralle. :)"yes-we-can-2",-gamma-ray-supports--t1078.html#p16158

Hello Gamma Ray fans!!!

What football and Formula 1 is able to reach and do, we can do as well! Metal is as strong as it and you can be part of it and support it!!!

Here comes a very special thing that has been started with bands like GAMMA RAY, SAXON, EDGUY, STORMWARRIOR and many many more.

For you it will be a great chance to find a special rare fan items from Gamma Ray and you can as well support a German youthgroup with this special charity project!

So go ahead and check out the auctions that will start at the end of this month on eBay!

eBay Seller:
eBay auctions starting 30th August 2009:

eBay nickname: "rvl-jugend"

Check out our page for photos of the project and a charity-barometer that shows the reached amount of money: [url=""][/url] (>>> Click "Yes We Can 2" Aktion!)

Our aim is to get enough money for a new rowing boat (single) for the youthwork!!!

Thanks so much to GAMMA RAY especially Dan & Henjo again who REALLY took care of me and my project and thanks to all fans that will support it as well! Metal has the power!

Harald - Youthcoach (RV Linden)

PS.: Sadly though I could not add any pictures here, so check out this page for pictures from the signings and from the collected items that will be auctioned: (Click "Yes We Can 2" Aktion for the page and barometer!!!)
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