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So my friend Emanuel from Argentina's dog really loves Kai... so much so that he chewed him out of his Skeletons teeshirt, hahaha.

I couldn't resist posting this, it's great! haha Poor Kai, hahhahaha.

And thanks for the pic Emanuel,  I'm still giggling over it, haha :)

A review

Jul. 16th, 2009 11:05 pm
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Ok, so I finally got my paws on the Rampage album from 1983 that Henjo played on a bit, that also features Roland Grapow.

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Ok, I'm still mucking about on Flickr, well, moreso, again. I took a few hours to fight with a CD rack I can't put together, talked to some friends, cleaned out my fridge (Zuul has had to relocate) sooo I figured maybe someone over in Spain had time to upload more GR pics... aherm. Nope.

But yeah, I found this kid's backstage pics from the late 90s. I'm guessing he's not really a 'kid' now, but they're fun pics :)

Oooh, I almost forgot these, well, I didn't forget, I just forgot to grab a link earlier. Here are pics from Progpower 2008 in Atlanta. The girl shooting actually was right in front of where I was at on Henjo's side of the stage, so that was cool.

Hellish Tour - Live at Alcatraz, Milan, November 28th 2007

Here are some from December of 07, it has the openers, Gamma Ray and Helloween:
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I found these looking for Derrame Rock 14 pics.

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Holy crap Batman! There has been a new post on the Gamma Ray website! EEEEEEK!

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New Stuff

Jul. 15th, 2009 09:24 am
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Well, my copies of Blast from the Past, the Japanese version and the Rampage record Henjo played on in 82/83 are here now. I haven't listened to the Rampage one, but it's in great condition, and of course, no pics. There is one of Roland Grapow and he's like, 2, hahaa.

Anywho, I'm hoping the music is a lot better than the cover, which is pretty awful, lol. Very very early 80s, to say the least.

I'll hopefully do a writeup tomorrow when I get home from my food handler's training course *rolleyes*
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Here's a couple more from Spain on the tenth. They're pretty far back but the sound is all right. For now though, I'm exhausteded... zzzzzz

Dream Healer

I Want Out - complete with Dirk and Kai having a shoving match, hahaha

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Here's a link for a website of a guy on the GR board who has a really big collection of Gamma Ray stuff. His poster name on there is JonnyMetal.
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Ok, these are links to some older collections of live pics and reviews. I'm hoping that my bookmarks don't get lost again, but if they do, at least these few will stand the test of the internet. *grumble*

Gamma Ray Live Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA. 05-09-2006

And these are pics actually from the September 27 Mokena, IL show at the Pearl Room

I probably have more in my bookmarks, but I have to go soon, so these will do for now. :)
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These come from the Flickr page of Víctor Rodríguez Villar

Unfortunately only 2 for now, but it's a beginning.

I did take a look at the Hell Yeah booklet and found a typo, *snicker* It says Earnie Ball, hehehe *sigh*

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Here's Heaven Can Wait also from Friday's Spain festival performance.

I'm still looking for photos, I'm sure there'll be some up. My friend Paco on Myspace was there and he hasn't uploaded any either, argh!

I also got Hell Yeah, the cd version, and a different copy of Powerplant today at Streetside. They actually had several GR-related things, most of which I already have, but my Powerplant copy is getting really old, and I didn't have the audio only Hell Yeah yet.

The Powerplant disc is interesting, unlike the opaque screen printing on the one I got from Derek back in 01, it's a clear printing and sort of disappears, strange. It also has the typo on the back inside cover corrected. I haven't opened Hell Yeah yet, I just got home and I'm still eating, but yeah, I'll probably take pics later since there's not much else to do today. Well, there is, but I'm being lazy and procrastinatory. Hurr hurr.
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Ok, here's some random GR-related picspammery, mostly stuff around my apartment and things in Photobucket which I find worth sharing :)

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I Want Out!

I gotta say, I do like this version, albeit the drum track is really wimpy, but I was never a fan of Patrick. Course, I also don't even like saying I ever even listened to Hammerfail, but oh well. I blame Prozac. At least trading in the cds for Mr. Bungle was a good thing...

nerk nerk.

Hehehe Henjo and his oven mitt, lmfao. I love this video :D
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Hehehe, maybe it wasn't just me...

Nah, it was, lolol.
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Yeah, I love this pic, I found it noodling around Myspace a week or two ago, and it's just happy. Very very happy.

Yes, yes indeed. :D
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So yeah, here's Gamma Ray at the 14th annual Derrame Rock fest in Spain, last night actually.


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