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You would think there would be a FEW more pics from that festival, and I've found a lot, just not of Gamma Ray, sheeesh.

Anyway, I found two in my quest for Wacken pics, courtesy of Flickr.

Fotos de Vicente Diaz Peñas
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Holy crap Batman! There has been a new post on the Gamma Ray website! EEEEEEK!

Follow the suspense here... )
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Here's a couple more from Spain on the tenth. They're pretty far back but the sound is all right. For now though, I'm exhausteded... zzzzzz

Dream Healer

I Want Out - complete with Dirk and Kai having a shoving match, hahaha

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These come from the Flickr page of Víctor Rodríguez Villar

Unfortunately only 2 for now, but it's a beginning.

I did take a look at the Hell Yeah booklet and found a typo, *snicker* It says Earnie Ball, hehehe *sigh*

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Here's Heaven Can Wait also from Friday's Spain festival performance.

I'm still looking for photos, I'm sure there'll be some up. My friend Paco on Myspace was there and he hasn't uploaded any either, argh!

I also got Hell Yeah, the cd version, and a different copy of Powerplant today at Streetside. They actually had several GR-related things, most of which I already have, but my Powerplant copy is getting really old, and I didn't have the audio only Hell Yeah yet.

The Powerplant disc is interesting, unlike the opaque screen printing on the one I got from Derek back in 01, it's a clear printing and sort of disappears, strange. It also has the typo on the back inside cover corrected. I haven't opened Hell Yeah yet, I just got home and I'm still eating, but yeah, I'll probably take pics later since there's not much else to do today. Well, there is, but I'm being lazy and procrastinatory. Hurr hurr.
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So yeah, here's Gamma Ray at the 14th annual Derrame Rock fest in Spain, last night actually.


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