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I found a few finally, they look great :)


There aren't many but here is the photo stream on Flickr that they originate from.
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You would think there would be a FEW more pics from that festival, and I've found a lot, just not of Gamma Ray, sheeesh.

Anyway, I found two in my quest for Wacken pics, courtesy of Flickr.

Fotos de Vicente Diaz Peñas
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Ok, I'm still mucking about on Flickr, well, moreso, again. I took a few hours to fight with a CD rack I can't put together, talked to some friends, cleaned out my fridge (Zuul has had to relocate) sooo I figured maybe someone over in Spain had time to upload more GR pics... aherm. Nope.

But yeah, I found this kid's backstage pics from the late 90s. I'm guessing he's not really a 'kid' now, but they're fun pics :)

Oooh, I almost forgot these, well, I didn't forget, I just forgot to grab a link earlier. Here are pics from Progpower 2008 in Atlanta. The girl shooting actually was right in front of where I was at on Henjo's side of the stage, so that was cool.

Hellish Tour - Live at Alcatraz, Milan, November 28th 2007

Here are some from December of 07, it has the openers, Gamma Ray and Helloween:
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I found these looking for Derrame Rock 14 pics.

Electric kettles over here sir (or, more pics) )
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These come from the Flickr page of Víctor Rodríguez Villar

Unfortunately only 2 for now, but it's a beginning.

I did take a look at the Hell Yeah booklet and found a typo, *snicker* It says Earnie Ball, hehehe *sigh*


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