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Some really awesome footage, albeit a few arms are in there, of Hail to the Metal, or Metal, or The Metal... I'm still not sure what the actual official title is, but yeah. It's here, so watch, and like it, whether you like it or not, because I said so... I think I'm channeling Nicko McBrain... eek!

Aaaand also, here are some pics, found by rdyfrde over at the Gamma Ray board, hopefully this link will work:

If you click on Wacken Open Air Day 2, the second link, and go to page 3 and 4, there are Gamma Ray pics... there's no way to link to them or download them, albeit print screen is calling my name. Heh. Not like I'd sell them because well, I wouldn't... and really, they're going to look like ALL the other pics of Gamma Ray from Wacken from a professional photographer's point of view, unless someone photoshops random stuff in... People get really huffy... it's like hey, you have a watermark, stop whining. *yawn*

Did I mention that I've had a lot of Mt. Dew and metal tonight? Because yes, yes, I have... oh yes, and Dr. Pepper and vodka. And it's going to storm. And I'm going slightly mad, even though this isn't a Queen blog, I think it's appropriate.

Anywho, NOW I will go to bed... bedbedbedbedbedbed!!! :D
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Here's a link for a website of a guy on the GR board who has a really big collection of Gamma Ray stuff. His poster name on there is JonnyMetal.
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Ok, these are links to some older collections of live pics and reviews. I'm hoping that my bookmarks don't get lost again, but if they do, at least these few will stand the test of the internet. *grumble*

Gamma Ray Live Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA. 05-09-2006

And these are pics actually from the September 27 Mokena, IL show at the Pearl Room

I probably have more in my bookmarks, but I have to go soon, so these will do for now. :)

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