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Ok, also here's the setlist for the Wacken 09 gig:

Heavy Metal Universe
Ride The Sky
New World Order
Rebellion In Dreamland
Man On A Mission
Into The Storm
Heaven Can Wait
To The Metal
Future World
I Want Out
Somewhere Out In Space
Send Me A Sign

this is taken from the GR message board :)
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Ok I've slacked a little bit in the last week, but here are the remaining good quality videos that have surfaced from Wacken 2009. I haven't seen ANYTHING about the supposed press conference they were supposed to do on that Saturday, so who knows? Perhaps news is just slow coming out from the journalists who were there, or they weren't ready to put out information yet.

Either way, enjoy the footage of the guys doing what they do best and having a great time!!! :D

New World Order

Heavy Metal Universe

Rebellion in Dreamland

To The Metal

Most of these Wacken 09 videos have been posted by the user Orric1, and I really appreciate it! Here's a link to his channel on Youtube:

He has a lot of other great videos from other bands at Wacken as well as various concerts and video clips.

Thanks a bunch man!!
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Ok ladies n germs, I finally have found some videos on youtube from the actual stream of the Gamma Ray Wacken 2009 gig :D

Here they are, in no particular order :)

Somewhere Out in Space

Man on a Mission

Into the Storm

Send Me A Sign (cuz really, no Gamma Ray show is complete without it)

*sigh* Awwwesome!
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Thanks to sfff from the Gamma Ray message board, here's a great video with bits from a few songs :D

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Some really awesome footage, albeit a few arms are in there, of Hail to the Metal, or Metal, or The Metal... I'm still not sure what the actual official title is, but yeah. It's here, so watch, and like it, whether you like it or not, because I said so... I think I'm channeling Nicko McBrain... eek!

Aaaand also, here are some pics, found by rdyfrde over at the Gamma Ray board, hopefully this link will work:

If you click on Wacken Open Air Day 2, the second link, and go to page 3 and 4, there are Gamma Ray pics... there's no way to link to them or download them, albeit print screen is calling my name. Heh. Not like I'd sell them because well, I wouldn't... and really, they're going to look like ALL the other pics of Gamma Ray from Wacken from a professional photographer's point of view, unless someone photoshops random stuff in... People get really huffy... it's like hey, you have a watermark, stop whining. *yawn*

Did I mention that I've had a lot of Mt. Dew and metal tonight? Because yes, yes, I have... oh yes, and Dr. Pepper and vodka. And it's going to storm. And I'm going slightly mad, even though this isn't a Queen blog, I think it's appropriate.

Anywho, NOW I will go to bed... bedbedbedbedbedbed!!! :D
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I found a few finally, they look great :)


There aren't many but here is the photo stream on Flickr that they originate from.
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Brought to you by fans at Wacken 09 with cell phones, who like to sing along... a lot


Still waiting to hear how the press conference went... I hope someone wakes up long enough from their post-party hangover to put up something on SOME metal news site... any one, I don't care, I just wanna knowwwwwwww about the future!!!! hehe :D
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Well I finally found a pic on the official website. I had to do some digging but it's a really nice shot :)

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Well, today is the day. Gamma Ray's set apparently starts at 14:15 German time, which is give or take about now. Hopefully some videos will be up on Youtube before too long.

I'm not going to be able to stream it, which is a bummer, but hopefully the set will go well.

Here's One With the World from 2003 :)

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